Tips for Female Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is not restricted to the male population only. Women can participate in it equally. Both men and women can climb mountains. Sure, men are stronger most of the time but this does not mean that the women are weak.


Women face the same kind of threats and challenges that the men face. Women have to be equally fit both physically and mentally to excel in the sport. Regardless of the differences, male as well as female population loves the thrill and excitement of reaching the peak of the mountain.

Since mountain climbing Mt. Everest began, there have been more men who have climbed the mountain than women but since the 1990s there has been an increase in the number of women who have successfully climbed Mt. Everest. Both men and women enjoy the sport and with the advent of better materials and advancing technology, women are finding the going easier.

1. There is intrinsic danger in climbing any mountain. The temperatures can vary from sub zero to very hot temperatures. It is important that the climber is acclimatized before they actually undertake the climb. You can employ an instructor to help you get fit for mountain climbing.

2. Double check the equipment and all the knots and harness before the climb begins. Remember that there can be loose rocks, elevation, foliage etc when climbing. Environmental conditions should be taken into consideration before the start of the climb.

3. The proper mountaineering gear is an absolute must for both amateurs and professionals. The gear includes helmets, jackets and pants. Other climbing equipment such as ice axes, ropes, crampons and harnesses are also essential. Depending upon the weather conditions, gear and equipment should be matched. Women don't need special precautionary measures.

4. Pregnant women can continue climbing provided they do so in the early stage of their pregnancy. Always remember that risks are always associated with mountain climbing. In case they are in advanced months of their pregnancy, the advice of the doctor is required before they can continue with their climb. They should take it easy and rest properly if they feel exhausted.

The female population loves to take part in intense sports and this is one of the reasons why they love to climb mountains. These women climb the mountains not just to maintain their fitness but also to add adventure and excitement to their lives. Women feel a sense of achievement when they successfully climb the peak of the mountains just as men do.


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